Welcome to the Nolleperiods homepage!

Adel and Överphösare kindly greet you welcome to your new campus. As new in town you will need guidance, therefore this homepage is here just for you, full of information and things you need to have a great start!

Nolleperioden is a tradition that have been a part of starting studying in Luleå since 1974. Every year, thousands of student enjoy, experience and share the community this time gives them. Nolleperioden is a way of get to know your new class, the campus as well as wake-up-call of your knowledge. Together, we want to create the conditions for Sweden’s best Nolleperiod.

It is us, Adeln and Överphösarna that under 6 months make sure that you will get the best Nolleperiod ever. Adeln, is the highest position of Teknologkåren and Luleå Studentkår during Nolleperioden. These persons with tailcoat all have something in common, an Överphösare. An Överphösare speak for, leads and helps Adeln and Generalern during the Nolleperiod. An eyecatching mascot will always sit on an Överphösare´s shoulder.

Below Adeln and Överphösarna comes out hardworking, wise, lovely Phösare. Phösare are clothed in overalls with colors specific to their program, dark sunglasses and cap. Taking care of you is their highest goal and they are ready to go through fire and water make sure that you are ready for study-start. You as a Nolla, can always ask them things about schedule or if somethings is on your mind.

Nolla are you who have been accepted at any of Luleå University of Technology´s program, even if the campus is here in Luleå or in another location.  

If there is any questions regarding something in your Nolleperiod, or before it even started, you can call your Phösare any time. Telephone numbers and other will be in a letter that you received during summertime.

What happens during Nolleperioden?

Nolleperioden, this epic time that will make you go through sittings, new persons, lectures, parties, outdoor games and all what you can think of during these 12 days. Nolleperioden starts 19 of August with a kind of check-in. You will meet your Phösare and be giving an ID so you can verify that you are studying Luleå University of Technology. From here on, you will be in your Phösares hands.

Something that permeate Nolleperioden is the fact that all event are totally optional. Your Phösare may say much, but when it all sum up, you are the one that decide what you want to do. Of course, we want all to be a part of the whole drama that unfolds during Nolleperioden.

With glorious, splendored and best regards, Adeln and Överphösarna want to greet you welcome!


Short glossary

Adel/Adeln Arrange the Nolleperioden together with Överphösarna. Wear tailcoat and have been planning for this period the whole spring and summer.

LTU Luleå University of Technology

LURC Association who take care of exchange students.

Nolla A new student at the university the time before the semester starts.

Nolleperiod The first two weeks at LTU for new students.

Phösare Guides the new students through the Nolleperiod. Wears an overall.

Överphösare Arrange the Nolleperioden together with Adeln and have been planning it with them. Wear overall and a mascot on their shoulder.